Why Join the FVFS?

  • The Federation of Victorian Film Societies has been in continuous operation since 1949.
  • It is manned entirely by volunteers — all of them actively involved in running and improving their own film societies.
  • Over those decades we’ve been focused on helping individuals and groups with their film societies and in promoting film art, culture, and education.
  • All the accumulated knowledge, hands-on experience, personal and film industry connections of our volunteers and colleagues is available to you as a member of the Federation of Victorian Film Societies.
  • Over time we’d like to think that you too will be a contributor — happy to share the lessons of your successes and failures with others.

Some of the specific benefits of FVFS membership

  • A complimentary “StarBox” voting system – an easy way to collect your members’ feedback on films screened.
  • Also, having access to the Starbox scores given to films that fellow FVFS members s have presented recently (and over the years) can stimulate ideas for your Film Society.
  • A lifelong certificate of your membership with the FVFS.
  • Access to the FVFS DVD library and FVFS Indie-DVD library, where many titles are available on free loan.
  • The FVFS will promote your selected activities in its official quarterly newsletter, ReelNews, and on our website.
  • The FVFS website will include your contact details and a link back to your website – if you have one.
  • If you don’t have website, the FVFS can help you create one and even provide free web-hosting.
  • Information and updates on quality films available from the best distributors.
  • Information and assistance with obtaining screening rights, arranging the required fees, and understanding the legal/copyright issues you need to be aware of as a film society.
  • You are connected to film societies, not just across Victoria, but around Australia through ACOFS (the Australian Council of Film Societies) of which the FVFS is a founding member. And through our sister Federations in every state. Plus worldwide, through the International Federation of Film Societies.
    All of which is another way of saying you are part of what’s known as the “Film Society Movement”.
  • Adding “Member of the Federation of Victorian Film Societies” or the FVFS logo to your website, emails, posters and so on tells others that you are serious and dedicated. It tells your members and potential members that your film society is not only wonderful in its own right, but that it’s also part of a an active, supportive fellowship of film societies.
  • Get Technical and legal advice on film and DVD projection.
  • Practical assistance in setting up and running a film society, NPV cinema or NPV film festival, including advice on setting up your association’s rules, procedures, etc. should you need that.
  • Public liability insurance. The FVFS and its members are always shopping, evaluating and sharing information on insurance providers that will best serve the Film Society Movement. Plus we can usually help you get some sort of discount.
  • Newsletters and bulletins. All FVFS mail-outs are sent to your team, including the FVFS newsletter, ReelNews, as well as information on festivals and special events. Many of these include information that you can pass on to your members thereby adding further value to what your film society offers to its members.
  • Information on new films and DVDs, what other film societies are screening, coming events, technical hints and other information.
  • Free insurance cover for film loss and damage — from the time the film leaves the Australian distributor until it returns.
  • The right to quote the DVD rights agreement to the appropriate Australian DVD distributors to obtain non-theatrical screening rights for their DVDs at a competitive price.
  • Access to other members of the FVFS for support and advice.
  • The right to nominate delegates to the FVFS and to have your say in the management and running of the FVFS.
  • The right of your delegates to vote at FVFS annual general meetings, although everyone is welcome to attend.
  • Assistance in determining the copyright owner of any DVD purchased in Australia.
  • Invitations to attend FVFS workshops and film appraisals.
  • Inspiration and strength in numbers. The more film societies who join the Federation the more it encourages others to start up their own film society — which means more diverse and interesting projects and people from which we can all learn and benefit. And it means that the FVFS has a greater capacity to negotiate deals and discounts for all film societies.

Ready to join?

If you’re ready to register or need to check the FVFS membership eligibility criteria CLICK HERE to go to the Join/Renew page.

If you’re looking for more information on how to start or set up a film society, please visit the Getting Started page.