Searching for Locally Made Movies

Promote your Independently made films to the FVFS

An open letter to all film-makers and distributors.

We’re searching for Australian made, independent films.

The film society movement of Australia wants to screen your films.

One of the aims of the film society movement in Australia is to support the making of short and features length independent movies.

To support film makers and distributors the FVFS would like to promote your movies, (on 16mm film or DVD) to member film societies, NPV (nonprofit, volunteer-run) cinemas and NPV film festivals.

There are currently over 80 member groups in the Federation of Victorian Film Societies and approximately as many again in the rest of Australia.

Many of these organisations are looking for new and innovative films to screen to their members.

If appropriate the FVFS would consider adding your film to our central DVD library for members to borrow.

We can arrange an appropriate screening rights charge for screening your films.

Please contact us to discuss further.