David Stratton Presents ...

Have you ever thought you’d like to have David Stratton along to one of your screenings to introduce your film for the evening? Well now you can – If you select one of the following films recommended by David!

David Stratton, well known TV presenter and patron of the FVFS, has kindly prepared and recorded for us short introductions — each one around two minutes long — for each of these films — all suitable for screening at a film society.

Each of the short intros also doubles as a mini-review of the film.

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  • Download the video to your computer in MP4 format.
    Then simply copy it to a USB memory stick to play to your members prior to a screening of the respective film. If you prefer, send us a USB memory stick and we’ll copy the files for you.
  • View or download the transcript of each David Stratton Presents video.
  • Watch the official trailer of each film.
  • Find out where to obtain screening rights for each film.
David Stratton, Federation of Victorian Film Societies patron


  • S.Korea/Japan, 2018, 148 min
  • Drama/Mystery, M
  • Director: Chang-dong Lee
  • IMdB vote 7.6
  • Rights held by Madman


  • S Korea, 2019, 132 min
  • Drama/thriller, MA for strong violence
  • Director: Joon-ho Bong
  • IMdB vote 8.6
  • Rights held by Madman


  • Denmark, 2018, 85 min
  • Crime/Drama/Thriller, M
  • Dir: Gustav Moller
  • IMdB vote 7.5
  • Rights held by Rialto


  • USA, 2018, 132 min
  • Bio/Comedy/Drama, M
  • Director: Adam McKay
  • IMdB vote 7.2
  • Rights held by Entertainment One


  • Iceland/France/Ukraine, 2018, 101 min
  • Adventure/Comedy/Drama, M
  • Director: Benedikt Erlingsson.
  • IMdB vote 7.5
  • Rights held by Hi Gloss