Founded in 1949, the Federation of Victorian Film Societies (FVFS) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the Film Society Movement across Victoria — film education and study, film appreciation, history, and culture. Our members are film societies as well as NPV (NonProfit Volunteer-run) film festivals and NPV cinemas across Victoria. (Under some circumstances the FVFS will accept members from other states.) With over 65 years experience, the FVFS is able to provide information, resources and advice on every aspect of starting and running a successful film society. We publish a regular newsletter, organize film and public liability insurance for members, and represent and defend the interests of our members when dealing with both the commercial and government sector.

FVFS Patron: David Stratton

The FVFS offers organizational, technical, legal and financial information and resources. For example, the FVFS can assist film societies wanting to move from 16mm film to DVD projection and can provide technical and programming advice. Under the Australian copyright laws it is not permitted to screen DVDs in public without prior permission from the rights holder and payment of an appropriate fee. We can advise you on how to identify the rights holders and apply for cost effective fees for “non-theatrical” screenings. The FVFS represents its members’ views and defends the interests of its members at ACOFS (the Australian Council of Film Societies), at the IFFS (at the International Federation of Film Societies), at film libraries, film and DVD distributors, and to State and National Government. The FVFS is a non-profit organization incorporated in Victoria and registered with the Australian Tax Office as a charity. It is run entirely by energetic volunteers drawn from representatives of member groups. Our patron is David Stratton, popular film critic, best known from his time as co-presenter of At the Movies on ABC TV and The Movie Show on SBS.

The Executive Committee

The FVFS executive committee consists of: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to 8 committee members. Between them, these individuals provide nearly all the FVFS services to members. Each member of the executive committee is himself/herself also actively involved in running a film society of their own. Our current office bearers are:

  • President: John Arkins
  • Vice President: John Turner
  • Secretary: Susan Davidson
  • Treasurer: Ian Davidson

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