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Who can be an FVFS member?

There are three types of members recognised by the FVFS. Click each one below to find out more.

Film societies are not for profit organisations with annual memberships, run by elected volunteers and using defined aims and rules or a constitution.

Film societies are “non-theatrical” users of films – which means they do not charge for individual screenings.

The films shown may come from commercial or non-commercial distributors, government libraries or private collections.

They may use 35mm, 16mm, DVD, digital.

Film societies may run their activities in all sorts of venues: Hired venues,  theatrettes, meeting rooms, school halls, church halls, private homes, etc.

Although we use the term “film society” in this information, it is not necessary to call yourself a film society to be recognised as such and become a member of the FVFS.

Your organisation may be called a film club, film group or anything else you desire. The term “film society” is used here as a generic term. (See our list of members for examples of how film societies name themselves.)

NPV Cinemas are Not-for-Profit Volunteer-run organisations for screening films to the public.

Admission is generally by individual payment so non-theatrical film hiring rates do not apply and screening rights may be more expensive.

NPV Film Festivals are similar to NPV Cinemas but screen over a shorter period.


Any non-profit organization with appropriate aims — dedicated to film screening, appreciation, and study — may become a member of the FVFS. This includes film societies, film clubs, film groups, NPV (non-profit, volunteer-run) cinemas and NPV film festivals.

An FVFS member will generally be an independent self-contained organization.

But a group which operates under a parent organisation, which is non-profit and has suitable aims and rules, may also become an FVFS member.

More specific details of requirements for joining the FVFS can be found on our Resources page.

Please check the various Information Sheets on that page and contact us if you have any questions.