To help you start your film society and make it a success, here is our extensive collection of Information Sheets, FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions), and various resources and documents.

Have a browse down this page and feel free to download any of the items on this page.

If you have questions or need assistance please contact us.

More: You may also like to check out further very helpful information sheets on the Australian Council of Film Societies (ACOFS) website.

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# Title version
00 About the FVFS
01 Who Can Join the FVFS?
02 So You Want to Start a Film Society
03 Film Society Constitutions — Including “Model Film Society Constitution” As PDF file. As Word file. v10
04A Running an NPV Cinema or as a MS Word file
04B Running a Film Festival + Aims and Rules or Model Rules as a MS Word file  v5
05 Tax Issues
06 Roles of Committee Members
07 The DVD Society
08 Incorporation
09 Film Appraisal Days
10 Borrowing from the NTLC at the NFSA
11 Renumbered as 04B  —
12 Copyright issues
13 DVD screenings and DVD FAQ
14 Other FAQs  v4
15 Projector Equipment Sales & Support (16mm, 35mm, & Digital) v7
16 Meeting Procedures
17 DVD and Film Programming Ideas and Possible Titles (complete collection)  —
18 Assemble a DVD Projector Package
19 What Website Was That? (Useful website addresses)  v7
20 DVD Regional Coding & How to Beat it
21 Committee Development and Continuity
22 DVD Rights: How to Get Approval to Screen a DVD
23 Members’ Insurance  v7
24 Promotion of the FVFS in Your Publicity
25 Collecting feedback using a “Starbox”
25A StarBox Calculator (In Excel)
26 Shopping for technology
27 Incorporated Assocations (Now merged with Info Sheet 08)  —

Film Lists — Ideas for Programming

Need some ideas on what films to programme for your film society?

One approach — just to get the ball rolling — is to have a look at what your fellow film societies have been screening and how they’ve rated those films.

The downloadable PDF’s, below, have been prepared using information supplied by film societies or relevant websites and may help inspire some ideas and possibilities.

We invite your film society to submit its list of programmed films for inclusion in these lists so that others may benefit from your experiences.

To submit your list or for information or if you have questions, please email: or visit the contact page.

Where possible please let us know the …

  • Country
  • Year
  • Source
  • Rights owner (DVD) and the
  • Star Rating

… for each film.

HarrisonFord _StarBox_signed

Don’t have a StarBox?

Contact us and we’ll send you one.

How to calculate the “Star Rating”?

Each film society member attending a screening gets a “counter” (a small round plastic thing).

At the end of the film, each member places their “counter” in one of the 5 slots of the Starbox — according to their own overall rating of the film (Slot #1 is the lowest rating. Slot #5 is the highest rating.)

The average is calculated by ….

  • counting the “votes” in each slot
  • multiplying each by the number of stars represented
  • totalling all calculations and
  • dividing by the total of all votes cast.

The Constitution & “Standing Resolutions” of the FVFS


FVFS Constitution


FVFS Standing Resolutions