Written by John Turner and produced by ACOFS.

This amazing book should be essential reading for everyone involved with …

  • film societies
  • film education
  • film-making, and
  • film culture in Australia

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Working steadily and relentlessly for 15 years, the Film Society Movement’s official historian, John Turner, now brings us this very detailed tribute to all those who have participated in the Movement over the last seventy years.

It includes over 50 personalities, 40 film societies, six state Federations and many Australia-wide organisations.

Over 500 pages packed with Australian cultural history, events, people, data, and photos!

Read all about …

  • The contribution made to the social and cultural life of Australia by the film society movement.
  • What was, and when was, the first film society formed?
  • Why were State Federations created?
  • Are national film society bodies necessary?
  • Who were the movers and shakers making the film movement so important?
  • Creation of the AFI and the major Film Festivals, and why ultimately, these organisations had to go it alone.
  • The popularity of film weekends.
  • The influence on censorship laws and other Government policies.
  • Relationships between film societies and the major non-theatrical film bodies, especially the Non-Theatrical Lending Collection and the National Film and Sound Archive.
  • The early involvement with State Film Centres and the National Film Theatre of Australia.
  • A chronological account of the major events at state and national levels.
  • An examination of publications from film society newsletters to country-wide catalogues and magazines, often widely circulated outside the movement.
  • Which films were important to societies over the past seventy years?
  • Appendices listing all significant dates, office bearers of Federations and ACOFS, and people mentioned in the book.

ACOFS has made copies available to all State Film Society Federations affiliated with ACOFS, at a discounted rate of $50 per book.

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Additional copies will be charged at $50 each for purchases made through member societies or Federations, or $75 to others purchased directly from ACOFS.


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